RGB: Rapid Gut-Health Blueprint Mini-Course

Day 1: The Unexpected Signs Of A Leaky Brain

In this video, you’ll learn why mental health isn’t all in your brain…
There’s actually a different place in your body that produces 90% of your “happy hormones” which impact conditions like anxiety and depression – two of the most common mood disorders affecting us today.

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Leaky Gut Self-Assessment

Is your gut the root of chronic or mysterious symptoms?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can join this mini-course any time and get immediate access to the videos for 5 full days after you sign up.
There are 4 sessions in the mini-course, and each session is able to be watched in under 10 minutes. We’ve kept the videos short, yet packed full of valuable information so you get the most out of your time!
As long as you use your links from your email, you will be able to access the mini-course videos anywhere in the world, on any device.
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This mini-course explains why mental health challenges may not be all in your head. We’ll explore the emerging science of the gut-brain axis and how this powerful connection between gut health and other physical symptoms is the key to healing many common challenges. Once you understand this, you’ll feel empowered to take proactive steps toward vibrant, effortless health – now and in the future.

Below is a quick outline of the name of each video and what you will learn.

Session 1: The Unexpected Signs of a Leaky Brain

  • The vital connection between gut health and mental health
  • 3 surprising mental signals of poor gut health most people miss
  • Plus receive a downloadable self-assessment and symptom checker to begin your journey

Session 2: Why Conditions Don’t Improve Despite Treatment

  • What symptoms like brain fog and poor recall are really telling you
  • The little-known link between diet and mental health
  • Access a healthy gut booklet with 3 tasty recipes to repair your gut lining

Session 3: Healing Mysterious Symptoms

  • Why certain symptoms are cyclical – even if you think you’re healthy and fit
  • The 3-part plan to reset your body naturally
  • Receive The Healthy Gut Blueprint to jumpstart your health at home

Session 4: Three Steps to Healing Your Gut Naturally

  • Ways to integrate lifestyle changes to create a healthy microbiome for better mental health
  • Create a personal action plan for change and monitor what changes happens using the downloadable 7-day Habit Tracker
  • How to deepen your knowledge and even more expert insights from doctors, health researchers, and scientists from around the world

You’ll receive guidance from us every step of the way. If you need any technical assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected].

The “RGB: The Rapid Gut-Health Blueprint” Mini-Course is broken into four sessions, or “parts.” The mini-course is available for a total of 5 days. If you are joining us after that period, the content will not be available. 

If you wish to get extended access to the material you learn inside RGB, you can purchase our gut-health program here.

The content of each week of the mini-course includes a short video session with our host Sarah Otto, and doctors, health researchers, and experts in the emerging field of the microbiome and the gut-brain axis, as well as a helpful downloadable PDF. If you purchase our full gut-health program, you will receive the full video series, audio downloads, and written transcripts — as well as vital bonus material and extras to create your own customized gut health program. Learn more about this affordable, transformational at-home program here.
There will be some materials and resources provided with the online experience that can be downloaded and kept for personal use. These may include ebooks or handouts. The videos embedded in the online experience are watch-only and not available for download. If you wish to get extended access to the material you learn inside RGB, you can purchase our gut-health program here.
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