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It’s hard to find this vital information, and it’s likely you won’t find it anywhere else. There’s people in your life, your friends and family, that also need to hear this. But – it’s hard for us to reach the world alone. We are are 100% self-funded and rely on people sharing and to get this message out! So please, use the buttons below to share this series with your loved ones. This information could change their life.


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Firstly, mark November 4th in your calendar, because that’s when we go live with Episode 1! There are 8 episodes total. Each episode will be available for 24hrs before it is taken down to make room for the next! We’ll send you a notification on the day to remind you, so make sure you pay close attention to your email every day so you don’t miss any content. If you sometimes miss your emails or forget to check them, please make sure you look at other options for us to stay in touch with you.

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