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Episode 1

Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain, & Better Solutions for Anxiety & Depression

Episode 2

A New Paradigm For Mental Health: Why Drugs Don't Always Work & Solutions To Start Feeling Better Today

Episode 3

Food For Thought: Ingredients For A Healthy Gut & Balanced Mind

Episode 4

Too Much Of A Good Thing: Balance Your Mood With Proven Solutions for SIBO & Candida

Episode 5

How To Eat: Protect Your Gut From Stress & Anxiety With Simple Solutions For Reflux, Bloating & Constipation

Episode 6

Metabolism & Moods: Lift Depression and Soothe Anxiety With Solutions For Obesity, Diabetes & Low Thyroid

Episode 7

Toxicity & The Brain: Heal Your Liver & Improve Your Mood With Detox Solutions For Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins & Mold

Episode 8

Autoimmunity, Genetics & Mental Health: Saving The Brain From Inflammation

Episode 9

Reclaiming Your Center: Restorative Solutions For Better Moods, Sound Sleep & A Happy Gut

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